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Reliability and Fast


As the SocialGenix team, we are here to change all bad thoughts about social media services. You can reach our services with completely secure payment through Paypal and have Instant delivery. As SocialGenix team, we do give great importance to Instant delivery and reliability. In this regard, our 24/7 Active Support Team is here to provide an instant solution for every problem you are experiencing. We completely guarantee that you will receive a full refund if any disruption occurs in our service. If you try Famoid’s social media services, you will never regret it.

Privacy & Safety

We can count many reasons for you to choose SocialGenix. However, one of the most important issues is Privacy and Safety. We use PayPal as your secure payment infrastructure for all orders you make through SocialGenix. We do not require any information other than your user name and e-mail address at the time of order. We never want your password. Information such as your user name and e-mail address that you provide to us during the transaction can never be shared with third parties. You can be confident about this and can safely order over ‘SocialGenix.com’. Also, please look at our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


Our team is an experienced team in the sector for over 5 years. For this reason, we know the needs of the industry and we act accordingly. We offer instant solutions for every problem you are experiencing, improving our system day by day and providing you with a more complete social media service experience. If you choose SocialGenix in your social media marketing processes, we give you full guarantee that you will never regret it. The biggest motivation for us is that our customers who try our services are always satisfied.

Instant Delivery

We know that Instant delivery of each order is crucial for all of us. For this reason, we guarantee Instant delivery to you with special software that we developed for sectoral needs. In all our services, the process starting with the approval of your order will be completed within 10 minutes at the latest and your product will be delivered to you. Usually, our delivery time is even under 5 minutes. In the event of a problem related to the delivery of your order, SocialGenix Support Team is always here, including holidays, to assist you. You can order over SocialGenix with peace of mind and enjoy our instant delivery system.

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