What Is Email Hosting?

SocialGenix provides email hosting services to manage custom domain-based email accounts. Our professional email offers more than just storage & delivery – it includes a range of integrations & collaboration features to enhance productivity & team effectiveness.

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Do you wish to have a professional-looking email? Such as info@yourcompany.com or nadia@yourfamilyname.com?

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What Is
Email Hosting?

Just like with web hosting, email hosting is a service provided to manage custom domain-based email accounts.

Our professional email is, however, more than just a storage space and delivery service. It’s a wide variety of integrations and collaboration features available to boost productivity and team effectiveness.

How do I get a company
Email Address?

It’s easy! Let’s see how to get your own email for your domain name with us, and how to make a business email address.

First, you need to register a domain name. If you registered your domain name somewhere else, it’s called a 3rd party domain Did you know you can try Professional Business Email free for 60 days?

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